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The Mysticism of Emma Curtis Hopkins

Ute Maria Cedilla has created a breakthrough work on Emma Curtis Hopkins that will allow you to step through the veil to a deeper spiritual understanding of Principle and of yourself. Emma comes alive through Ute Maria and I urge you to experience Emma Curtis Hopkins in a new way, through new eyes. Ute Maria Cedilla has a passion and soul level understanding of Emma’s powerful spiritual work. I believe that through Maria’s teaching and her distillation of the original source material, you will experience both the conviction and the energy of Emma.

Emma’s original students experienced transmission of consciousness from Emma Curtis Hopkins and went out and changed the world through the founding of Divine Science, Religious Science, Unity and more. Even though I have loved and taught Emma for many years, my understanding and daily spiritual practice has been practically enriched and mystically deepened using Maria’s work on Emma’s “Days of the Week Spiritual Practices” and the 12 Gates as doorways to my expanding consciousness. It’s time to take Emma Curtis off the shelf and into your life!

Rev. Lisa Stewart-de Snoo, Founder and Pastor Spiritual Living of Greater Milwaukee

Special Practitioner's Workshop
Shifting into Oneness
Experience and explore the magnificent self-treatment, The Radiant I Am, by Emma Curtis Hopkins.
Deepen and expand the consciousness of the Creative Genius within.

Ute Maria Cedilla R.Sc.P

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